8 Top Social Media Platforms for Businesses in 2022

2020 will be remembered as the year when socializing changed forever. As it turns out, we’ve been doing ourselves a huge favor by getting away from our phones and into person-to-person contact with others! Nevertheless, humans are adaptable and several new social networking sites have emerged in the last year that enable us to recreate communities we’ve had to abandon abruptly.

The hottest social media trends this year are audio-based and live-streaming. Live Streaming Video was the second-highest trend that marketers invested in, with short form video content ranking higher than expected. This comes on top of platforms like Twitch, which have risen to popularity recently as well for gamers everywhere! Joining a new social channel early on can give you an edge over competitors that join later. If you’re smart about it, waiting until the right time to start your account may allow for more creativity and success when promoting yourself or products through posts in those channels’ forums–and groups too!


Twitch is a live-streaming platform where gaming enthusiasts can interact with their audiences in real-time. It leads all other traffic sources, most likely because it caters specifically to what people love doing: playing games and watching others play them! Twitch is a social network where you can watch, listen and interact with other users in live streams of popular games like Fortnite or Minecraft. You’ll find videos relating to cooking as well! If that’s not enough for your viewing needs there are also interactive shows from around 30 million average daily visitors on the website such as sports events and festivals – so whether it’s something quick at home just before dinner time but still engaging (like watching one person make an appetizing meal) then Twitch might be what interests you most about this site.


The app stores all of your chats on servers, so they can be accessed anywhere. This way you don’t have to worry about losing information when switching between devices because it will always stay in sync with each other! Discord is not just for gamers anymore. The company underwent a redesign and reframed its messaging to make it an interactive platform, where brands can flourish without ads or startup investment funding.  Discord has become a thriving platform for brands, musicians and gamers alike. Brands can build customer loyalty by being invested in their audience while playing the long game. This is one of the rules of social media marketing. The company harnesses the power of their community by asking for feedback and gaining insights into how it can improve the platform.


The latest trend to take over social media is lip-syncing. In 2018, Musical.ly merged with another similar app called TikTok, and now it has surpassed other prominent platforms like Instagram in number of users on their respective app store pages! It is expected that this “trendy” phenomenon will only grow bigger by 2022. The app, TikTok, is a great way to get creative and experiment with your video skills. If you’re not ready for an official YouTube channel, then start by making some fun videos on this platform! If you’re planning on brainstorming some challenges or video ideas for your brand, consider how it will align with the platform’s young audience. If there are other brands in a similar space as well, then follow them to get inspiration from their work!


Clubhouse is a social media site that leverages audio connectivity to allow for real-time communication. It’s unlike other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter which provide an asynchronous platform of sharing content. Clubhouse always goes hand in glove with its speakers’ voices! With its unique features, it is no wonder that the sudden uproar about this new social media network has caused quite a stir. The developers of Clubhouse said they wanted to get it just right before releasing the app, but users already part of this in-group served as gatekeepers for thousands of conversations happening daily. Clubhouse is the ultimate social experience for anyone who wants to be in on what’s happening right now. Whether you’re looking to start a business, meet new people and learn from celebrities or just find some good comedy sketches online – Clubhouse has it all!

Twitter Spaces

Twitter has finally introduced a way for users to have conversations with one another without having the need to use a 280-character limit on posts. The new audio feature, called “Spaces” enables people who talk on Twitter but not in their own countries or regions through an alternative voice chat room type setting that allows them both anonymity and comfort level while conversing freely about everything going around them! Twitter has taken a new direction with audio-only communities like Clubhouse, Twitter wants to make sure that all users feel welcomed and safe on the platform. With its challenges addressed in this area of policing community standards – an opportunity awaits for those who can figure out how!


Caffeine is a game-changing app that lets you broadcast live to your friends and followers. It’s like taking social media into the real world, where people can watch asides or give emoji reactions in real time! Caffeine is a new game-streaming service that offers you money for high views or subscriptions. Like Twitch, Caffeine provides an engaging platform with exciting features such as chat rooms and emoticons; it also allows subscribers to watch their favorite streamers play from anywhere in the world – without any additional fees!

Instagram Reels

Instagram is now in direct competition with TikTok, offering a similar video creation functionality. Users can create videos famed for their special effects and music choices that keep them hooked until the end! You don’t have to be a movie producer or an influencer with millions of followers on social media, because Reels are the new way for anyone to show off their personality. They can work as short videos that display what makes them unique and help build consumer trust in products they might not yet know about by sharing content from companies who care deeply just like you do!


Houseparty is like having your own virtual reality without all the wires. You can have up to eight people in one chat, and it’s just about being able to use fun stickers or filters while you talk live! This app might also take added time and creativity. If you don’t have the luxury of hosting a house party or can’t think up one that would effectively market your product, then prioritize other platforms first but be aware: this could mean missing out on opportunities!

Final Take

The key to success on social media is keeping up with trends. Businesses that adapt their content and marketing strategies can see great results by staying vigilant about changing consumer behavior, as it changes quickly on these platforms!

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